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Where beauty meets sustainability and ethics. Our story began with a passion for diamonds and a deep commitment to creating a better world. We are a celebrated and renowned company that specializes in creating Type IIA lab grown diamonds using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology.

Our Story.

Carbon Star diamonds is a prime manufacturer and supplier of lab grown diamonds since 2020 . We have partnered with trusted source for manufacturing diamonds with highly trained professionals who ensure high-point quality checks to produce the best diamonds for our customers worldwide. Our lab diamonds represent the future of conflict free diamonds while still maintaining the highest standards of worker safety and respect for environmental sustainability.

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Our Mission

To satisfy customer’s demand and to build trust by providing ethically sourced and environmentally friendly diamonds , and to provide jewellery industry with eco-friendly diamonds that are more accessible and affordable for everyone.

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Our Vision

The dream of owning a diamond will come true for anyone with our sustainable, ethical, and best quality diamonds and building one of the biggest distribution networks.